Art Smock

A Virtual Class with Sandra Lee

In this class quilter, teacher, and artist Sandra Lee will show us how to create this fun pattern suitable for all ages and bodies! The humble apron is an essential uniform piece for any artist or maker. It is also the perfect canvas for customization: patches, embroidery, stencils, color blocking, etc. We will start with the construction of the smock and then explore all the ways we can customize the fabric with elements that reflect our history and identity.

Key concepts of the workshop:

  • Sewing a smock art apron
  • Working with fabrics, cotton, denim, etc.
  • Sewing binding
  • How to begin and end a project using a paper pattern
  • Finding the perfect size
  • Tips for stitching hand stitching the binding
  • Best supplies for sewing
  • How to add embroidery to your smock

    This workshop is great for all levels of quilters looking to increase their efficiency and creativity.

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022 and
Saturday, October 29th, 2022


2pm – 4pm EST

Zoom, a link will be sent to participants
the day before class.



• 2 yards of cotton or denim for child size
• 3 yards of cotton or denim for adult size
• Free Smock Pattern, available in sizes XS – XL children sizes – Adult one size fits all
• Sewing machine
• Fabric scissors
• Pins or Wonder Clips
• Thread to match your fabric

To print & assemble pattern:
• Printer paper
• Paper scissors
• Tape
• Printer

Sandra Lee

Hand sewing with my grandmother started it all. I found the process of transforming fabric into art as magical. Sewing was the foundation that led me to quilt. Quilting which started as a hobby has now turned my passion into an artistic reality.

I find my inspiration in shades of blue with a focus on blue jeans. I am known for using repurposed denim and other fabrics to create my quilting and wearable art projects. My staples for quilting are thread and cloth, however, I often employ recycled denim, yarns, dyed fabrics, and stamps to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. I also love to hand stitch using the traditional Japanese Sashiko and Boro embroidery styles and incorporating them as a decorative feature into my designs.

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