Hand Stitched Drawstring Bag

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Hand Stitched Drawstring Bag


This class will focus on slowing down and using hand-stitching techniques to create a simple and beautiful drawstring bag out of linen and bits of hand dyed remnants. Inspired by the Japanese Komebukuro bag, the traditional pouch used to carry rice offerings, this class will employ basic running stitch, embroidery, and appliqué techniques to create our own fabric pouch that tells a story with needle and thread. In keeping with the simple but spirited manner in which Komebukuro are found, Karen will lead us through ways to add pattern or figurative elements with embroidery to make an even more meaningful object. This bag is perfect for carrying around your favorite stitching supplies, a knitting or crochet project, or as a small handbag for essentials.

You will learn hand sewing skills that can be applied to any other sewing project. You will gain an arsenal of skills that will allow you to approach other sewing with a kind of slowness and mindfulness only hand stitching can bring. Whether a keepsake on its own, or intended as keeper of personal treasures, these techniques and this pouch will bring joy to your heart.


  • 1/2 yard exterior fabric

  • 1/2 yard interior fabric (remember can be reversible!)

  • 1/2 yard of 1/2” twill tape

  • 2 yards cording

  • various embroidery threads/needle

  • sewing thread and needle

  • scraps of fabric for patching

Kits are available for this class HERE.

Two sessions: Sunday October 24th and Sunday November 7th, 2021

3pm – 5pm

Zoom. A link will be sent out the day before class.


What to bring
A kit is available for purchase for this class. Materials are also listed above. This is a great project to incorporate special pieces or scraps of cloth you have at home.

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