Narrative Mending


Narrative Mending


In this workshop you will become a fearless mender. All of the techniques for structurally repairing your garment will be shown. Additionally, discussion in how to add design or figurative elements will be suggested and described, so that you will learn to see the holes and frays not simply as things to be fixed, but as opportunities to highlight your personal story.

Saturday, February 5th, 2022

11am – 1pm ET

Zoom, a link will be sent to participants 1-2 days before class.


What to bring
Students should bring articles of clothing that are treasured and in need of mending (woven fabric is the focus of this class). You will also need assorted threads, pieces of woven fabric to use as patches, embroidery thread, scissors, and needles to match the sewing and embroidery thread you are using.

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