W.E.F.T. Tote Bag by The Weaving Mill



W.E.F.T. Tote Bag by The Weaving Mill


The tote bags in this collection from Chicago based The Weaving Mill were woven on floorlooms in their W.E.F.T. studio, using scrap yarns to create a hand-knotted space-dyed effect, each bag unique in its color sequence and rhythm. The W.E.F.T. program is run in partnership with Envision Unlimited, a social services agency that provides educational and creative opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.



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About this collaboration

The Weaving Mill (TWM) is a Chicago-based, artist-run, industrial weaving studio that designs and produces woven cloth, as well as educates, collaborates with artists, and creates community. The organization began in 2015 when Emily Winter and Matti Sloman revitalized a weaving facility previously run by the Chicago Weaving Corporation. The Weaving Mill is now run by Emily Winter, with help from Kendall Schauder and Alexa Kudrak and aims to “fill the space between the hand and industrially made.”

This Tatter-exclusive series of objects are a response to a curation of books, from the Tatter Blue Library, about natural dyes. This selection of books explores many aspects of the color relationship between plants and cloth. The Tatter-exclusive products from The Weaving Mill include turmeric-dyed cotton textiles alongside natural undyed cotton textiles, intended to explore the natural fading of color from cloth and the possibilities for overdyeing as an act of maintenance and care.


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