Diasporic Threads: Black Women, Fibre & Textiles by Dr. Sharbreon Plummer


Diasporic Threads: Black Women, Fibre & Textiles by Dr. Sharbreon Plummer


Diasporic Threads: Black Women, Fibre & Textiles is an important new publication from Common Threads Press that highlights Black women’s contributions to art and history through fibre-related mediums.

This publication surveys the history of Black women and textiles in North America, and spotlights five artists through a series of interviews, paying careful attention to the intersections of race, art, and cultural memory.

The author, Dr. Sharbreon Plummer (Baton Rouge, LA) is an artist, strategist and storyteller that centers the stories and creativity of Black women. Sharbreon’s upbringing in southern Louisiana informs her interest into how culture and ancestral memory act as influencers of contemporary art-making.

Sharbreon has worked for institutions such as the African American Museum in Philadelphia, Americans for the Arts and the Embroiderers Guild of America.

This zine has been funded by the Costume & Textile Association’s ‘Geoffrey Squire Memorial Bursary’ that supports textile research. Edited by Laura Moseley. Designed and illustrated by Saffa Khan.

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About this collaboration

Established in 2019, Common Threads Press is an arts publishing project that aims to make art history more affordable, accessible and community-oriented. Common Threads Press publishes zines, delivers workshops, and curates events that look at the intersection of art history and activism. Their zines are written collaboratively with early-career researchers, students and academics from all around the world.

Common Threads Press is particularly interested in researching and sharing the radical potential of textiles in art history. This zine is the second of two titles in a special series entitled “Stories in Cloth: Two Zines on Radical Textile History.” The first is Many Hands Make a Quilt: Short Histories of Radical Quilting.