TATTER Exclusive Handmade Cabin Slippers by Stace Fulwiler


TATTER Exclusive Handmade Cabin Slippers by Stace Fulwiler


Cabin Slippers are ultra warm and cozy slippers made from wool shearling. They feature a pointed toe, hand-sewn details, a sturdy leather outsole and a padded midsole for extra cushion. Wool shearling is a special material; it is naturally antimicrobial (you can wear your Cabin Slippers without socks and there will be no need to wash them) and over time it will form to your feet in the most comfortable way.

Indigo dyed and made by hand by maker Stace Fulwiler, these slippers are the perfect gift and can only be found at TATTER!



About this collaboration

Stace Fulwiler Wood is a shoe maker based in Los Angeles, CA.

Stace began making shoes in 2013 and has been teaching sandal making workshops since 2015. Stace specializes in making leather sandals and wool shearling & leather Cabin Slippers.

She continues to learn through experimentation with new designs, reading old books, and connecting with shoemakers all over the world.


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