TATTER Exclusive Foraging Apron by ALL SPECIES

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TATTER Exclusive Foraging Apron by ALL SPECIES


This hand-sewn denim foraging apron by ALL SPECIES founder, mother and artist Kristin Morrison-Marks is made with Cone Mills USA-woven denim and remnant boro fabric scraps from the Tatter Studio. Designed for makers, gardeners and foragers alike, Morrison-Marks’ apron imagines long walks spent finding and gathering materials in nature, too beautiful to pass up. Features a soft cotton adjustable rope strap, pockets for your notebook and phone, and an oversized gathering pocket.

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About this collaboration

All Species is a textile arts and design studio that investigates the potential to create regenerative garments and textiles.  We are continually exploring regionally relevant plants and fibers that create color and cloth. Through play, experimentation and collaboration, we hope to expand and evolve the conversation about how design and production processes can positively impact our planet earth and ultimately seek to “love all children of ALL SPECIES for all time”.


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