Lunar Shawl in Vintage Pink by 11.11 eleven eleven


Lunar Shawl in Vintage Pink by 11.11 eleven eleven


From our dear friends at 11.11, this shawl is made of 100% wool, dyed vintage pink with natural dyes. One size.


A note from 11.11 on Wear & Care:

Our garments are made in small batches and slightly differ from one another in texture and hue. We celebrate these subtle differences. We do not guarantee homogeneity. Natural colour bleeding is part of the process, with addition washes the color loss will stabilise. It is the fading and bleeding of natural dye which results in graceful fade as time passes. Natural colour dyed garment will stain light colours. It is advisable to wash garment separately.

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About this collaboration

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of 11.11 / eleven eleven. Renowned for its use of indigenous cotton and 100% natural dyes, the label uses heritage techniques such as hand spinning, hand loom weaving, hand painting, miniature tie-dyeing, and quilting. The label maintains its unique handmade vision by departing from mainstream manufacturing, producing small batch slow-made clothing in collaboration with groups of artisans located all across India. Each season the brand dissolves distinctions between geographic and gender boundaries – the looks are safe for the skin and transitions seamlessly between cultures from day to evening wear. Expect to see relaxed silhouettes with a sartorial touch that echo the brand’s ‘seed to stitch’ philosophy.


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