Dyeing with Foraged Goldenrod

A Virtual Class with Aaron Sanders Head

In this workshop, Aaron will share how to coax and harness color from foraged goldenrod. One week before the workshop, participants will receive a video including information on preparing and gathering goldenrod, setting up a space for dyeing, and scouring/mordanting their fabrics, so that you can be set up and ready to dye along with Aaron. 

The live workshop will cover dyeing with goldenrod in a general way, and how to best pass that beautiful golden onto both protein and cellulose fiber in a long lasting way. Aaron will also share various pH modifications to expand the goldenrod palette, and share how he starts and maintains a dye journal.

Saturday, October 1st, 2022


11am – 1pm EST

Zoom, a link will be sent to participants
the day before class.



  • Fiber (protein or cellulose fibers will work) – fabric is easiest if you are new to dyeing. If you have a little more experience you may like to try using thread, yarn or wool roving!
  • Mordants
    • If dyeing protein (animal) fibers – aluminum potassium sulfate
    • If dyeing cellulose (plant) fibers – aluminum acetate and wheat bran or calcium carbonate. Tums work great as a calcium carbonate option.
  • Measuring cup and kitchen scale
  • Large stock pot for dyeing, made from a nonreactive metal like stainless steel.
  • Heat source, like a portable burner or kitchen stove

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Aaron Sanders

Aaron Sanders Head is a Southern textile artist focused on natural dyes and hand-stitching. Aaron explores the intersections of practices of the past with contemporary craft, and the ways that sewing and textile arts can aid in increasing diversity and representation in the creative class.

Aaron is based in Greensboro, Alabama where he lives in an 1830s home with his partner, musician Tim Higgins, and maintains an active studio practice and extensive dye garden used in his work.

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