Hand-Sewn Quilting Series II

A Virtual Class Series

Perfect for the beginner and the seasoned quilter alike (and perfect if you’ve already joined our Hand-Sewn Quilting Primer Series), the Hand-Sewn Quilting Series II takes students on a journey of different forms of hand-sewn quilt construction, from Korean Yeouijumunbo to English Paper Piecing. Rooted in the diverse history of quilting and taught by contemporary textile artists, this series combines enduring quilting techniques with new voices and approaches. 

Beginners will come away with a newfound confidence in their quilting ability and a deeper understanding of the medium. More experienced makers will expand their textile horizons, as well as gaining new skills to use on personal projects. Experiencing the series as a whole is sure to provide a comprehensive foundation and will get you well on your way in a joyful practice of hand-sewn quilting.

The projects from each class can be combined into a sampler commemorating your textile journey or can be displayed individually as pillows or patches applied onto another textile. 

We hope you will join us for all seven of our quilting classes to experience new ways of quilting and broaden your knowledge of textile history. You can sign up for the entire series, or choose your own adventure by selecting the classes you’re most interested in. 

The Series

Yeouijumunbo, 여의주문 (Cathedral Window) with Youngmin Lee
with Youngmin Lee

In Korean culture, yeouiju 여의주 means wish-fulfilling jewel, Yeouijumun 여의주문 means a jewel pattern, and Yeouijumunbo 여의주문보 is the name for the Jogakbo design that is found in the Joseon Dynasty and in contemporary quilting. 

Youngmin will teach students how to prepare, cut, fold, and connect units of fabric to create the base layer of Yeouijumunbo. She will then teach students how to embellish with additional squares of fabric and bakjwi maedeup (bat-figured knot). 

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with Sarah Nishiura

This workshop will introduce participants to the history and techniques of stuffed and corded quilting also known as Trapunto, or Marseille, quilting. From their somewhat mysterious origins in the fifteenth century to their mass production in seventeenth-century France, and their domestic production in eighteenth-century colonial American homes, these extraordinarily textured whole-cloth quilts are a testament to the complex globalism that created quilting as we know it today. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with a simplified approach to stuffing and cording, which is accessible to twenty-first-century quilt makers using commonly available materials and tools.

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Pine Burr
with Aaron Sanders Head

The Pine Burr Quilt is a unique, textured quilt made from many different folded triangles that are then sewn to foundation fabric in varying patterns. There are many design choices to make, from fabric color, fabric texture, pine burr spacing, and framing techniques, and the resulting quilt— either sewn in rows or in a circular pattern—is a sculptural, individual quilt block that reflects the maker’s hand.

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Binding Techniques
with Heidi Parkes

Learn two unique ways of binding with Heidi Parkes, a quilter who loves to emphasize her hand with visible stitches. The first technique is a “backing as binding,” or “self-binding,” approach that uses the backing of the quilt to create a binding. The second technique is a binding strip that’s held to the edge of the quilt with a single line of running stitches. Heidi will share her approach to corners and accurate craftsmanship and will highlight the benefits of each technique so that you know when to best apply them.

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English Paper Piecing
with Tara Faughnan

English paper piecing is a great technique to add to your toolbox if you aren’t already familiar with it. There are very few tools you need and the slow pace of stitching can be incredibly relaxing and rewarding. The applications for complex piecing open up a whole new world of possibilities! In this class, Tara will cover the basics of hand sewing, and how to use color and value to create a dynamic design.

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Reverse Appliqué
with Ekta Kaul

Reverse appliqué is a decorative technique used in textile arts, in which a layer of fabric is placed underneath a top layer of fabric, and then a design is cut out of the top layer to reveal the underlying fabric. The cut edges of the top layer are then typically folded under and stitched to the bottom layer of fabric, creating a neat and finished edge. This technique can be used to create a range of designs ranging from graphic geometrics to intricate botanical ones.

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Replicating Motifs in Improv Patchwork
with Zak Foster

In this workshop, you will learn how to take inspiration from a single motif and use it to create a cohesive design throughout your improv quilt. Zak will guide you through the process of creating a motif, breaking it down into its core elements, and then demonstrate how to incorporate those elements into your quilt design. Throughout the workshop, Zak will provide tips and tricks for achieving a consistent and balanced design, as well as strategies for adapting motifs to fit your unique style.

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Dates and Times:

All classes meet on Fridays from 12 pm – 2:30 pm ET

July 14th, 2023: Yeouijumun, 여의주문 (Cathedral Window) with Youngmin Lee

July 21st, 2023: Trapunto with Sarah Nishiura

July 28th, 2023: Pine Burr with Aaron Sanders Head

August 4th, 2023: Binding Techniques with Heidi Parkes

August 11th, 2023: English Paper Piecing with Tara Faughnan

August 18th, 2023: Reverse Appliqué with Ekta Kaul

August 25th, 2023: Replicating Motifs in Improv with Zak Foster

Zoom, a link will be emailed to participants the day before class.

$350 for the series
$60 for individual classes

ExperienceThese classes are for everyone, from beginners to advanced quilters!

Suggested materials for each class may be found on their corresponding pages. Kit are also available for purchase here.

*The classes in this series may be purchased à la carte at $60 or as a seven-part series for a discounted price of $350.

**All classes in this series will be recorded. A link to the recording will be emailed to all registrants following the live session. You may purchase the series as a whole even after the classes have begun. You will be emailed the recordings upon sign-up.

We have two scholarships available for this experience. To be considered for the scholarship please email [email protected] with some information about yourself, your making practice, and why you would like to participate.

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