In Person Workshop with Amy Ashdown
November 18th, 2023

Saturday, November 18th, 2023
12 pm – 4 pm ET
Located at Blue, The TATTER Textile Library – Brooklyn, NY



Ticket includes all necessary materials, including an Ashford Inklette Loom, beginner patterns, and warp and weft yarn. Students will leave the workshop with their own loom, a started project, and newfound pattern reading and designing skills.


Vertical cascades of delicate stripes, geometric motifs and checkers seemingly criss-crossing a narrow width tape, are common features on some of our narrowest textiles. This type of weaving, called ‘Band Weaving,’ or in our case ‘Inkle Weaving,’ refers to the hand production of narrow woven fabric. This fabric may be called tape, band, inkle, strap, belt, back strap, trim, and more.

Historically, band weaving often accompanied nomadic peoples, as strips of cloth were achievable on portable, tiny looms, and larger textiles (if needed) could be produced by sewing strips together. But these bands, so diverse in their patterns and designs are wonderful and useful in their own right, serving as ties, belts, straps, headbands and sturdy string. The strips are also often used decoratively, to edge other objects and garments.

The term “Inkle” simply means “ribbon” or “tape” and refers to any warp-faced woven good made on any type of loom, from backstrap to box-looms.

In this introductory class, participants will explore the basics of band weaving on an Inklette Loom.  Bands woven in various fibers and patterns will be compared and contrasted. Examples of small items made from and with bands will be discussed along with the basics of warping a loom.  Ultimately, participants will learn how to read and design simple patterns and to weave their own beautiful band using an Inklette Loom.  Once the basics of band weaving are learned and practiced, the possibilities are endless.


BLUE, The TATTER Textile Library is located in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Serving as both an interactive, ongoing art-installation as well as an academic research library, BLUE is an ever-growing home to 6,000 books, journals, exhibition catalogs, and objects that examine and celebrate the global history, traditions, makers, craft and beauty of textiles.

Saturday, November 18th, 2023

12 pm – 4 pm ET

This workshop will take place at the TATTER Textile Library in Brooklyn, NY.



Amy Is a fiber artist, craftswoman, and homemaker living on a smallholding in Upstate NY with her husband and seven children.  She grew up in a creative home where handmade items and craftsmanship were highly valued.  Her creative journey of over 30 years has included various crafts – quilting, mosaic, sewing, and ultimately weaving.  She finds inspiration in nature and its seasons, as well as the designs and patterns of numerous cultures from around the world.  While her weaving often results in unique handmade goods, her real passion is for enjoying each step of the creative process as she experiments with new designs and patterns. 


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