World Embroidery Series II: Punto Tagliato European Cut Work

A Virtual Class with Shahnaz Khan

A Virtual Class with Shahnaz Khan on Thursday, October 5th, 2023


Punto Tagliato, translating from Italian to mean “cut point”, is a needlework technique where portions of the cloth are cut away and reinforced, creating decorative lace-like elements.  The remaining fabric is then embellished with a variety of surface embroidery stitches.  

Dating back to 14th century Italy, this beautiful “white work” might have originated within monasteries, but was soon popularized by royalty and the social elite, before finding its way into homes all over Europe.  

During the 17th century this technique was so popular in France, that it became known as Richelieu, named after the Cardinal and political leader of that time.

In this workshop participants will be introduced to the stitches used to create these intricate “cutwork” patterns, and will have the opportunity to embroider a small motif.

Shahnaz is excited to be sharing this tradition, a favorite of her Greek grandmother’s, and offers participants an opportunity to reflect on the importance of beauty in our lives, and the ways hand crafts can create connections between generations and cultures throughout the world.

Thursday, October 5, 2023


12pm – 2:00pm EST

Zoom, a link will be send to participants the day before class

$60 for the individual class, $350 for the series

*This session will be recorded. A link to the recording will be emailed to all those who register following the live session. This link is live for one month for you to watch at your convenience.


  • 1 piece tight weave cotton or linen (non-stretch) approx. 8” square
  • Muslin, linen or cotton scrap for practice
  • Coton-a-Broder or 6-strand cotton embroidery floss
  • Size 8 embroidery needles 
  • 1 straight pin
  • Sharp scissors with a small point
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Embroidery hoop if you like using one
    *Although this technique is traditionally practiced white on white, anything goes for this class!

Shahnaz Khan

Shahnaz is an embroidery artist and educator focused on the preservation of traditional techniques and their use in contemporary art. 

Connected through her cultural heritage to Pakistan and Greece, Shahnaz loves what can be gleaned about culture and history through the various adornments of cloth with a needle and thread.

Her embroidery practice has led her to work on a variety of projects including: visual art collaborations, couture fashion (Alexander McQueen & Burberry) and most recently a commission for HBO’s Gossip Girl. 

An interview with Shahnaz is included in Jen Hewett’s 2021 publication, “This Long Thread: Women of Color on Craft, Community, and Connection”. 

Shahnaz lives in New York City where she works as a costume tailor for Broadway, film, & television, while maintaining her embroidery practice. 

Shahnaz loves teaching and hopes to be able to inspire her students to incorporate traditional embroidery techniques into their contemporary work.



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