Simple String Bag on Homemade Knitting Loom

A Virtual Workshop with Rose Pearlman & Erin Boyle

Photo by Rose Pearlman & Erin Boyle
Photo by Rose Pearlman & Erin Boyle
Photo by Rose Pearlman & Erin Boyle

As believers in using what you have on hand first, Rose and Erin have created this homespun knitting loom as an adaptable, versatile, and more environmentally friendly version of the typical store-bought plastic versions. Using classic wooden laundry pegs, an inexpensive embroidery hoop (or cardboard box), and an array of available string or yarn, we will walk folks through the basics of knitting on a loom to create a beautiful open-net bag. In addition to making string bags, we’ll provide guidance on how to modify the loom and fiber to create other useful objects such as bulky winter hats, structured bind wire baskets, a flower frog, and even pom-poms.

Date + Time

Thursday, May 16th, 2024

2 – 4:30 pm ET

Virtual Class: $45

Zoom, access link will be sent out the day before class.


This workshop will be recorded. A link to the recording will be emailed to all registrants following the live session and available for one month.

Materials Needed

  • 9-inch Embroidery Hoop (inner circle without the tightening screw)
  • 18-20 round wooden clothespins
  • 120 yards of polished hemp string or any string or yarn of their choice

Making Things by Rose Pearlman & Erin Boyle

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Rose and Erin met in 2018 and immediately struck up a friendship, united by a reverence for everyday objects. Their approach towards craft reflects a shared commitment to sustainability and accessibility – as they write in the introduction to their new book Making Things, “Craft can be exquisite and exacting, the result of formal training and years of practice, but it can also be experimental and messy and not quite perfect.”

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Photo by Rose Pearlman & Erin Boyle


Rose Pearlman + Erin Boyle

Rose Pearlman is an artist, teacher, and textile designer. With a background in fine arts and a love of well-designed, functional objects, her creations blur the lines between art and craft and push the boundaries of both with non-traditional techniques and materials. Rose’s hooked rugs and craft tutorials have been featured in magazines, galleries and numerous online design sites. Her first book,Modern Rug Hooking, was published by Roost Books in 2019. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family. 

Erin Boyle is a writer and creator of the popular lifestyle blog Reading My Tea Leaves and subscription newsletter, Tea Notes. Her writing covers the intersection of sustainability, consumerism, and family. Her first book, Simple Matters (Abrams, 2016), was a nod to the growing consensus that living simply and purposefully is more sustainable not only for the environment, but for our own happiness and well-being, too. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family. 



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