Closing: Quilting New Futures with the Past

A Virtual Lecture with Dr. Jess Bailey and Dr. Sharbreon Plummer

In our culminating lecture and discussion, Dr. Sharbreon Plummer and Dr. Jess Bailey explore how quilt makers can work in relationship with the past and offer advice for starting your own journey of quilt research. What do we want to do with the past, old stories, and deep historical legacies as quilters? How do we begin traditions if we don’t come from a quilting family and how do we continue them amongst blood and chosen kin? We will highlight examples of thoughtful research and collaboration from our own journeys and explore tools and tips for researchers of all levels. Reflecting and gathering together wisdom from our group of speakers across The People’s Quilting Bee, we will also have a quilt show and tell. Bring yourself and the quilt you have worked on while attending the lecture series. 

Wednesday, December 20th, 2023


2 pm – 3:30 pm ET

Zoom, a link will be send to participants the day before the event

All Tatter lectures are considered community programming and therefore ticket prices are donation-based. The suggested donation for each of these lectures is $25. Donations start at $15 for each lecture and $90 for the whole series.

*This session will be recorded. A link to the recording will be emailed to all those who register following the live session. This link is live for 24 hours only.


Dr. Sharbreon Plummer is an artist, scholar and quilt researcher whose work centers the lives and creativity of Black women through textiles. Her upbringing in southern Louisiana informs her interest in how culture and ancestral memory act as catalysts of personal expression. Her work has been supported by organizations such as Center for Craft and American Quilt Study Group. She is author of  Diasporic Threads: Black Women, Fibre and Textiles from Common Threads Press and is a writer for QuiltFolk Magazine. You can learn more about her practice at and @sharbreon. 


Dr. Jess Bailey is an art historian, writer, and quilter. She teaches histories of visual and material culture in the history of art department at University College London, UK and holds a PhD in art history from UC Berkeley. Her research has been supported by fellowships in the US, Europe, and the UK. Bailey shares her own family tradition of hand quilting, yearly quilt fundraisers, and the many ways in which quilts are community care through @PublicLibraryQuilts. Bailey is the author of the zine Many Hands Make a Quilt: short histories of radical quilting from Common Threads Press. You can find more of her work at

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