La Réunion and Tatter

October 13, 2021

Our collaboration with Sarah Nsikak of La Réunion

Our collaboration with Sarah Nsikak of La Réunion features a bounty of patchwork dresses which seam the designer’s commitment to sustainability with her natural flair in mixing found fabrics. This glorious combination  results  in one of a kind pieces which generously float around the body, possessing an emphatic beauty and natural joy.

Nsikak was taught to sew by her grandmother, who joined the family in Oklahoma from her native Oyo, Nigeria. In Africa, Nsikak’s grandmother was a highly sought-after seamstress, often commissioned for bespoke festival wear. Sarah, immediately attracted to the artistry and tactility of sewing, learned first to sew by hand and later moved on to machine. A practice of turning sheets, curtains and other found fabrics into clothing has accompanied the artist on and off since this time.

Nsikak has a strong desire to celebrate the diversity of artistry in African cultures through her own work, and cites a particular fascination with the patchwork dresses made and worn by the Herero women of Namibia. In those traditional costumes, the patchwork conveys ingenuity, resilience, and bold design.

The garments of La Réunion are designed and made in New York City. Fabrics given to Nsikak from Tatter’s studio have found their way into many of these pieces – including the two jackets which are made from remnants from our studio’s sofa, featuring the fabrics of Pollock, Seema Krish, and Allison Kettlewell. 

Tatter is thrilled to carry the work of this unique artist, whose ethos and skill inspire us daily. The voluminous pieces speak to abundance and optimism, and a devotion to textile and craft.



Sarah Nsikak is a Nigerian-American living in Brooklyn, New York. Her love of textiles led her to working in the fashion industry for several years after completing a Masters Degree in Art Therapy. The exorbitant amount of waste generated in the fashion industry inspired a re-routing back to her art practice. These hand-quilted pieces are made exclusively using recycled material sourced from fashion designers based in New York. Special textiles are also sourced through vintage stores and estate sales.

La Réunion is named after the island off the coast of Madagascar. The many influences for this project include the vibrant stories of African culture, post colonial African countries, ideas surrounding reclaimed beauty, togetherness, color, joy, and inviting ones self back to what was always there all along. It is materializing an idea of sacred and unabashed individuality. Everyone is invited.