issue 1 : Isolation
issue 1 : Isolation

From Still Life to Altar

Placement, memory and object in the tableaux vivants of Amy Schireson.

Photographs by Amy Schireson.

Extra time spent in our homes feeds a yen for travel. Covid’s house arrest inspires a wander around the living room, making inventory of our personal libraries. Memory-imbued objects, both inherited and found, are fodder for a dialogue between the now and the before.  Perhaps this is a kind of travel backwards, deep into the heart-space. A non-linear trek; chronology surrendered to the patchwork of the past.

The tableaux vivants of Amy Schireson are a daily visual conversation, both layered and painterly. Textiles serve as architecture, and objects are placed specifically. This evident care is an act of devotion.

While some discard Feng Shui as pseudoscience, others, attuned to Eastern ideologies, might hinge the most delicate of decisions upon it. Wherever one’s origin, careful arranging of possessions originates in a place of deep knowing. Schireson composes and makes photographs of what she has arrayed, her practice speaking to the moment when still life becomes altar. Though each of the artist’s discrete personal stories remains sealed, we are invited into the act of reverential composing.

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