issue 1 : Isolation
issue 1 : Isolation

The Materiality of Isolation

Our pandemic condition as three concepts of form.

Words and photographs by Liliana Becerra.

Isolation Boxes

Isolation boxes become spaces for compositions of mundane, everyday objects that have now become precious to us. As replacing things is no longer simple, we come to treasure the normal.

The symbiosis between the object and the container creates a dialogue between what is contained and what contains it. Both coexist, forming one story.

Acrylic partitions rise all around us to create visual and physical separations, to protect us, to contain us, to connect us. But in all its transparency and glossiness, acrylic also reflects, reveals and magnifies what it protects.
Cast in Ice

Alive and vivid nature is frozen inside of ice structures, as if suspended indefinitely until it is time to be thawed.

Isolation prevents us from enjoying the seasons. May we contain the spring for a bit longer until we can go out outside again? Will it keep or will it spoil?
Bundles and Rolls

We are bundled, wrapped with strings, covered with masks. 

We don’t recognize each other behind the wrappings. The outer appearance becomes more important than the content, signaling protection, care, consciousness. Are you bundled up yet?

We can’t wait to release our ties and re-discover our true colors, the unique patterns created by the pressure of being compressed, folded, rolled up for months on end.

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