issue 2 : Earth
issue 2 : Earth

Foraging Apron

A Garment for Gathering

Words by Kristin Morrison-Marks. Photos by Jordana Munk Martin and Sean Kelley.

Photograph by Sean Kelley
Photograph by Sean Kelley

I designed the foraging apron nearly a decade ago, to facilitate connection as I gathered plants for my dye vat. For me, it has always been about connecting with nature. The apron freed my hands so that I could continue touching, feeling, and collecting with all of my senses.

An expression of what it means to gather and hold an experience, the apron accompanies the body, bridging us to nature. She holds tools, plant material and is fun to wear, but ultimately her function is to help re-awaken our human connection to the landscape. To our interdependence.  

This Earth I walk and love, teaches me about our interconnectedness, deep relationships, and tending the wild. I have witnessed that when I approach the land with reverence and an open heart, the interaction can lift the vibration of an entire place, along with all of its species- who respond when they are acknowledged and supported.

A small thread in the vast tapestry of the natural world, I dance with her, listen and bless the land with eternal gratitude for this life. Foraging from the Earth, I have learned to be of service, to give more than I take, and above all, that I always receive far more than a pocketful of beautiful plant material.

I understand that even a garment bursting to capacity with wild treasures cannot contain all the blessings of our Earth. Each experience is embodied within us. My hope is that the foraging apron might facilitate a similar sense of joy and connection to the natural world for you, as she does for me. 

Founded by artist Kristin Morrison-Marks, All Species is an expression of what it means to be connected to the earth, each other and All Species on the planet. It is a clothing label, art project, and incubator for thoughts and experiments on how we can model radical independence.

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