Stace Fulwiler and Tatter

January 14, 2022

That first winter in her cabin in the foothills of Los Angeles, Stace Fulwiler Wood was struck by the cold. She began a search for beautiful, comfortable, handmade slippers to warm her feet through the chilly mornings and nights. When she couldn’t find quite what she was looking for, she set out to make her own, realizing she had materials at the already. Coincidentally, she had previously purchased shearling wool in a range of vibrant colors, drawn to the material but with no plan in mind. In the cold winter mornings, its purpose became clear. The ‘Cabin Slippers’ are named for the cabin she lives and works in still.

Rather than sketch and extensively plan each design, Stace plays in the studio. The studio and slipper are spaces of experimentation and exploration as she draws inspiration from the world around her. She lays out her materials, tries them on, and mixes and matches material and color, puzzling as she goes until the composition feels just right. The resulting designs are dazzling, tactile and whimsical, created with the hope that they infuse extra joy into the day-to-day, as they venture from her home to yours. 

The Cabin Slippers are crafted from leather and shearling wool, each piece cut out and carefully stitched together by hand. They are thoughtfully constructed. Stace’s eye for detail and love for color and composition shine through every pair.

Stace’s shoemaking journey began five years prior in a workshop in San Francisco. She was looking to do something creative with her hands– a change of pace from the science-heavy coursework of her studies to become a nutritionist. She fell in love with the craft and began making sandals for friends and family, later teaching sandal making workshops herself. In her teaching, Stace aims to simplify the process as much as possible, to make it approachable for a wider audience. She has found joy in sharing the healing qualities of utilizing her hands, making something beautiful. She finds the process an empowering source of nourishment.

For this exclusive collaboration with Tatter, Stace has crafted Cabin Slippers in a range of dreamy blues, some of which she dyed herself with indigo. The combination of indigo and factory-dyed wool creates a beautiful, visual contrast, each bringing out the qualities of the other by comparison. Each pair differs subtly— made unique through slight changes in the shapes and sizes of shearling. Over time, the wool softens to hug the wearer’s feet, forming around toes, accommodating size and shape. Each creates the perfect place to rest your feet after a day in the cold. Altered by our steps and movements, the shoes become ever personal, providing warmth, comfort, beauty and specificity, wherever they go.

We are inspired by the sensitivity and skill of Stace’s creations—the visibility of the hand of the maker and the careful, intentional techniques that come together to make something strong, beautiful, and lasting.


Stace Fulwiler Wood is a shoe maker based in Los Angeles, CA.

Stace began making shoes in 2013 and has been teaching sandal making workshops since 2015. Stace specializes in making leather sandals and wool shearling & leather Cabin Slippers.

She continues to learn through experimentation with new designs, reading old books, and connecting with shoemakers all over the world.