From Plant to Cloth

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From Plant to Cloth


Spinning is arguably the oldest craft in the world and the use of plants for fibers and clothing dates back 40,000 years to Neanderthal times.

All over the world, people have found ways to turn bark, stems, leaves, and seed floss into fiber and cloth. There is a wide and surprising variety of plants traditionally used for textiles: flax, hemp, nettles, cotton, ramie, jute, soy and so many more. We will take a look at how these plants are harvested, processed and spun.

Our discussion will also include “new” plant fibers, created as a way to manufacture less expensive fiber that mimics animal proteins. We will talk about if they are still eco-friendly and what is in store for the future.

Join fiber artist Gigi Matthews as she explores the world of bast and plant fibers in textiles through history.

Saturday February 6, 2021

2pm – 4pm EST


We would like to make this lecture available to anyone who would like to participate. Therefore we have a pay-what-you-can model. If you are able to pay the suggested fee of $25, we appreciate it. If you are unable to pay the full amount but would still like to participate, you may pick a different amount in the drop down list. Thank you for supporting us during this time.



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