Striped Handwoven Apron by Injiri

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Striped Handwoven Apron by Injiri


This handwoven apron from Inijiri is perfect for the kitchen or the studio.

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About this collaboration

Injiri, meaning “real India”, historically stands for “real Madras checkered textiles” which were exported to West Africa back in the 18th century. Launched in 2009 as a clothing brand by Chinar Farooqui, Injiri believes in the beauty of hand-weaving processes. Injiri as a brand is more about story-telling, the end point is reflective of the journey of many processes. Injiri makes clothing for women and textiles for home. The brand focus is on textile development and sustainable usage of materials. Curating an aesthetic around absolute simplicity and working within the limitations of textile techniques, Injiri is featured and placed in several stores all over the globe. Celebrating the living tradition of crafts in India, the brand has found resonance with aesthetes across the world. One of the brand’s many achievements came as the prestigious EDIDA Award for interior textiles in the year of 2016.


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