Handspun Kala Cotton Yarn by 11.11 eleven eleven


Handspun Kala Cotton Yarn by 11.11 eleven eleven


Kala cotton possesses a natural softness. The hand spun character of the yarn allows for subtle moments of loft, amongst the sturdy core of its twist. It is naturally lightweight and matte, and knits up with a beautiful drape. Each skein is 50 grams 2ply, 125 meters / 136 yards.

Please note: This is a handspun thick and thin yarn. The weight can range from Fingering weight up to a Worsted weight. This can also change the yardage from skein to skein. We find the yarn creates a fabric that is similar to that of a Sport of DK yarn. Our artists do the best they can to create a consistent product but each skein is a reflection of their hands work.


Knitting pattern for pictured sweater: https://11-11.us/collections/materials-for-makers/products/kala-a-textured-dolman-pullover?utm_source=indredirect


About this collaboration

It is our pleasure to announce an Indigenous, Climate-Beneficial, Handspun Kala Cotton yarn – brought to you by farmers and spinners in Kutch, India. 

An 11.11 / TATTER collaboration.

What if your knitting practice could ignite positive change?

Kala Cotton, a short staple organic cotton native to the region of Kutch, grows on two rainfalls a year. The cotton plant requires a very small financial investment which sustains farmer and artisan livelihoods with minimal inputs. The plant has remained unmodified by genetic intervention, making it a rare and beautiful fiber. It is indigenous to the desert region and contributes to atmospheric carbon draw-down into the soil.

Knitting with this product connects your crafting practice to a vast landscape and an indigenous community, It brings to your practice a natural ally ship with a system that reflects the rhythms and patterns found in nature, while building a more equitable future for artisan and farmer. The development of handspan yarn for knitting elevates the status of these hand spinners and places funds directly into the hands of women hand spinners.

To knit with Kala Cotton is to brush the sun across your fingertips and connect to a specific geography. It is an opportunity to include in your crafting practice an ally ship with a system that centers these communities at the foundation of the supply chain as custodians of ancient wisdom.


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